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The Real Domain is located at:
I paid for the domain name! And management is of the opinion
that I am going to make a lot of money from this site! Well, I'll
tell you I haven't made a cent! And I continue doing this site
with the hopes that some day soon someone will let me
officially announce this web site at work to all of the employees!

This web site is about to be closed! I have not been able to spread the word about this site at work and to be frank with you I am about to give up! I did this web site on my own wanting to be able to create something for all of the employees at the Seattle P&DC that didn't have anything to do with work! This web site was for fun! I have no problem with continuing it but would like some feedback from you! If you visit this site and would like me to reopen it let me know!!! Please give me feedback! See below if you still want to visit the site!

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or Email me at and let me know that you want this site!!!

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Or this site may fly away like the butterfly above!